F9-5 Smart Touch TWS Earbuds


These wireless mini earbuds is perfect for listening to music, videos and movies. It is travel size so you can take it anywhere. It has a noise canceling function which means you can watch videos and play mobile games without others disturbing you mid-game.  It also has a 2000mah Power Bank Function that charges your earbuds and can be used to charge your phone.  You can charge the case with your phone, Desktop computer or laptop.


Charge case before use. Make sure lid is closed to charge. Red light on earbuds means it is charging. The bars on display represent the earbuds. The left side bars is for the left earbud and the right side bars is for the right earbuds. The number represents the amount of battery life is left before it needs another charge. When the side bars light go away it is finished or if the fifth bar is blinking then you can use it. 

First put earbuds on. Turn on your bluetooth. Find and press "F9" to connect to earbuds. Make sure you use the left earbuds for the left ear and the right earbuds for the right ear or it will not work as well. Earbuds are marked L for left and R for right. You can tap either earbuds once to pause.

To turn earbuds off you can hold the left earbud down till it plays a audio that says "Power Off" or switch your bluetooth off. 

Left ear functions 

2 taps or double click for next songs, videos or movies

3 taps for higher volume

Right ear functions

double tap for previous songs, videos or movies

3 taps for lower volume

Product Specifications

Product name: F9

Charging time: 1 - 2hr for Power Bank 

Working distance: 10 - 20m

Call time: 5 - 6Hrs

Audio time/music time: 5 - 6

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